It’s Extra Life 2015 Week!

It’s indeed that time of year, where I take a couple of days off work plus a weekend, stay up way too late, and intentionally erode my sanity for the sake of raising some money for St. Louis area hospitals.

This Saturday is Extra Life marathon Saturday!

I’ll get started at or before 8 a.m. Central time this Saturday and go for 24 hours. You can watch on Twitch, or I’ll put a player right here on the site so you can just pop by and tune in if you would like.

This year, there’s a donation incentive. If you donate $100 to the campaign, you can choose a game (any game, but it has to be available on Steam or a digital download for consoles) and I’ll play that game for an hour of the stream. If you donate ahead of time, I’ll let you pick the hour of the stream.

And if more than 24 people give $100 donations, I’ll extend the marathon additional hours (not necessarily sequential, but into later weeks). The more people give, the more games I’ll play.

You can donate at Every dollar of every donation goes straight to St. Louis area children’s hospitals to help sick children. This cause is super-important to me every year, and I hope you’ll join me in raising money for them.

Summer Steam Sale Hangover: Mission (kind of) Complete!

Last night was pretty great; I kicked off the stream right after I finished work for my vacation and rolled right on into the early hours of the Fourth of July. I got in some pretty great games, starting with SteamWorld Dig, got my feet wet (with BLOOD!) with Super House of Dead Ninjas, then I did a full playthrough of the recently-released The Fall. I closed out the night by playing just enough of Metro 2033 that I didn’t want to finish the night on it, so instead played through a good chunk of Master Reboot and called it a night 9 hours in instead of 12.

(No one was watching at that point anyway.)

There were unfortunately some issues with my camera/sound sync, but I’ll still cut up the video a bit and post them up later.

Thanks for Rob Funk and Ken Kogler for donating to the Extra Life cause last night. I’m hoping to do some more streaming coming up in the future—and hope to see you watching then!

I had some fun with Ultra Street Fighter IV on launch day. Started out doing OK and then progressively started getting owned. I don’t play enough and my Sakura is too defense-oriented to be good.

Will probably do some more in the future.


A New Effort

I keep saying I’m going to stream more often, and I never do it. Well, I’m taking the time to get things organized right now and with the added functionality of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I think I’ll be streaming more often this year.

I’ve set up some new channels, so if you are interested in at least knowing what I’m up to, this is where you can find me:

That includes bringing this site back from the dead. I’ll keep writing about games and criticizing them or the news surrounding them on my personal site, but anything and everything to do with either my fundraising efforts or my game streaming in general will live here.

Once I have some other commitments in-hand, I’ll look into setting up a regular streaming schedule so you know when you can join the stream. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll be happy to take them into account.